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We will develop
Landing Page

This is a landing page the main task
of which is to induce the user to do the targeted action.
Such action can be directed to placing an order,
online payment or obtaining user’s contact information.

Which website will you get?

A modern selling website, for commercial activities, successful advertising and sale of goods and services of the company.
Fast, optimized website
under Google Pagespeed
from 90% and above
The flexibility of the site, the
possibility of changes and
extensions to full change
The site will be prepared for SEO
promotion + will be basic settings have been made
Administrative panel and visual editor of the site
Beautiful modern design
+ perfect adaptability the site
Fast development time
and flexibility in the process the site
The ability to integrate with
CRM and other services
Further support,
hosting, domain
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What is included

Turnkey website development includes study and analysis of clients and business competitors, website architecture development, unique design creation, layout, CMS integration, testing, project transfer to the client.
01Communication with a client
Communicating with the client we determine goals and objectives of future website, complexity of web design and animation, website type(online store, corporate website, landing page, information portal, business card website). We find out his direct competitors and potential visitors, choose a domain name of the future website. We prepare and sign a contract for website development.
02Study of potential visitors
We determine potential website visitors, their age, interests, regions of residence. We look at the “pains” and desires of visitors. We compose a user-journey for each potential visitor (transitions through your website pages to an intended goal). Basing on the collected information we develop a mind map to determine important landing pages of the website.
03Study of competitors
At this stage we study client's competitors: age of their websites, product range, their advantages and disadvantages, website structure, structure of each page. We also find out key search queries for which competitors are moving. We determine monthly visitors number of competitors' websites. We find out presence of errors in the internal optimization of competitors' websites.
04Architecture development
Based on received information we develop an architecture of the entire website. Which pages will be there and in “Main” menu of the future website? Will there be a sub-menu?Will a Blog present on the website? And we determine linking of each page. After that architecture of each page is developed (the location of call to action buttons, feedback forms, videos, information blocks).
05Web design development
Based on the architecture we develop an UX design of the website. Visitor must intuitively understand which button he needs to press in order to get a necessary information. He should go to the selling pages of the website in 1-2 clicks. Further we create UI design. A visitor must not only work conveniently with website elements but a general visual website style should attract and keep clients on the resource.
06Layout, integration with CMS
A next step is layout of the website pages, creation of animation and integration with the CMS WordPress (or other). We make all websites from scratch without using any templates which allows us to achieve high speed of website loading. It also affects on future promotion of the website in search engines significantly. After that we realize website integration with the CMS to develop the most convenient admin page for the client.

Our works

We turn your ideas into excellent results
Corporate website for a legal agency https://lawboutique.ru
Business website for Mation https://mation.ru
Corporate website of the European design bureau https://skipskompetanse.ru/
Business website for Faina Reklama company https://faynareklama.com.ua
Promo site for ProPerimeter https://металсетка.рф
Cleaning company corporate website https://феичистоты.рф
Federal network of city portals https://towngo.ru
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